Numb Hands

Out of cash – Out of gas – Out of ideas – Out of breath – Out of faith (or at least waining at the time).

Ever been there? I’m there now and can’t afford the t-shirt. There are times when we just need to quit trying to figure it all out, take a step back, and let God be God. It’s tough though – isn’t it?! To rest in God when restless. To depend on him when being so dependent on the bank account, gas tank, etc. To give your all when you feel there’s little to give.

It’s at those times that we read His promises and pray for His provision. As long as there is God and faith (even as small as a mustard seed) there is hope. I’m hanging on to HOPE.

“Since we’re only human, understanding God is out of the question. But trusting [God] is not.”
~Marie T. Freeman

“[God] did not say: You will not be troubled, you will not be tempted, you will not be distressed. But [God] said: You will not be overcome.”
~ Julian of Norwich

“I shall cling to the rope God has thrown me, even if my numb hands can no longer feel it.”
~ Sophie Scholl


One thought on “Numb Hands

  1. Hey, man.

    This is a tough road and you and I are on similar journeys, but you have it a little more hard core than I do on the money front. I have the challenge of being the hometown boy starting a church where I grew up…that presents it’s own issues. On the money front I just have to worry about funding the ministry. The family is safe and if I need extra money, it is not too hard to for me to call a few IT contacts and find something broken that needs to be fixed.

    I lived in midian and had them normal jobs…you have lived in the ministry and all your jobs relate to it. I know this is hard..and I just cannot believe that not even a waiting position or a security gig at the casino has broken open for you. I know the market was tough…but wow!

    Hang in there man…hang in there. I know it is frustrating, but if you pop over to my blog you will see some potholes as well. Of a different sort, but potholes nonetheless.

    I am glad you are being honest in the blog…this is cool.

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