One Step

Well today was a roller coaster ride – up and down, high and low, faith and frustration, trust and ticked off.

Two church services at two wonderful churches who are headed down the right path – they’re doing it right and that’s great to see in a day and age when churches have it so wrong. Two wonderful messages – getting it right on the church and teaching it straight on salvation.

A possible rental home that seems too perfect to be true.

An incredible baptism with three churches doing life together and in different languages – what a blessing and a glimpse
of restoration and eternity.

I was riding high and then . . A possible rental home that seems too perfect to be true – I drove by this afternoon
and it really might not be true.

My faith in God = stronger than ever and then support
I thought would come through for us = didn’t.

You know, I’m a preacher and I’ve been called by God to take a risk and do something BIG and we will and He will – BUT to be honest – at times you wonder . . . what the heck is going on and why aren’t things coming together.

I must remember -they are and they will. Sacrifice is hard, Risk is (well) risky, Trust and Faith is so easy BUT yet soooo hard.

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back? Maybe. But God knows the direction and maybe my plans were headed in the wrong direction. I really don’t know. This I do know . . . He called us to bring the gospel – the good news of His Kingdom to Joliet and nothing will keep me from taking . . .

another step forward.


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