Tired Hands and Tights

From Exodus 17: But Moses’ hands got tired. So they got a stone and set it under him. He sat on it and Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on each side. So his hands remained steady until the sun went down. Joshua defeated Amalek and its army in battle.

My oldest daughter told my wife yesterday (after hearing a message with this Scripture) that she (Suzette) was currently the one holding up my tired hands. This is so true. I love my wife and she has been such a blessing and inspiration through our entire transition and leap of faith.

We compliment each other – it seems as thought when my faith is registering HIGH that hers is low and she needs me. When her confidence in God and faith is strong – mine is weak and she reminds me of His grace. Isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be.

Thank you God for such a wonderful, caring, loving, strong, help meet in my wife!!

supermanSo, Suzette asked my daughter where that left her when there was someone else to come beside me and hold up my hands. She replied, “You’ll still be there too.”

Yes, I will always need you and thank God for you! What would life be like without a trusting spouse who believes in you and you’re her Superman – no matter how weak and insignificant (and unlike a super hero) you may feel. So let me go throw on my tights (scary thought) and rescue the world. My Lois Lane believes in me!


One thought on “Tired Hands and Tights

  1. Steve, love reading your posts. My wife has been the same throughout my life. My line to my wife has always been, I aint’ No Superman. She usually follows up with a “You’re My Superman”, I got a superman tatoo logo on my ankle just for her!

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