Looking for . . .

n197600091_31329135_45763041. . . all who are interested in  a community on a journey to a kind of Christianity the church seems to have lost somewhere. Most modern Christianity is either about fulfilling religious rituals, accepting Jesus to get a pass into heaven, enforcing a set of rules, or defending “name brands”.  We are firmly convinced that none of those is what Jesus had in mind.

“There is a rising restlessness that perhaps what most are experiencing in their churches does not match what they are reading in the New Testament about what the church was.”

“. . . the early churches mission seemed to be less focused on remodeling the home base and more to do with getting outside of it.”

WANTED: The disillusioned, the disappointed, the hurt and broken. Those who hate organized religion, those who might love Jesus but hate “the church”, those who know there is something better.  We welcome men and women who have questions, who stumble along the way, who struggle with life, who need encouragement along the journey. We’re looking for people in west Joliet (or nearby) who want to return to a Christianity that follows Jesus, loves each other, and touches a world in pain. If you want religion, rules, rituals or reverends – Istoria is not for you.  If you would like to hear our story, meet the author (the real Jesus), maybe even share your story, or make an impact on other’s stories – then we’re the church you are looking for.

So, are you who we’re looking for?  We want to start Istoria soon. Llet us know you’d like to be a part of our start up team and let’s see if we can do the church thing the right way!!!




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