Relationships, Reiki, and Restoration

reikiThe last several months have been an inspiration.  I stepped out of my “country club church comfort zone” and entered the “real” world seeking to build authentic RELATIONSHIPS with those I came in contact with in my new home town and new work place.  God has given me some wonderful friends – they are all on different parts of their spiritual journey – some close to “enlightenment” and others not even on the right path BUT they are human and each of them have a story.

Some of their stories are tragic. The others are sad, unconventional, confused, challenging, and inspiring.  I love them all and thank God that I’m at this new place on my journey.  I talk to them at my work place, I listen to them on their blogs and facebooks and each one of them are a special creation of God.

Today is kind-of-a sad day because one of my new friends will no longer be working by my side.  He has been an inspiration and a blessing and will be missed at the workplace.  His lifestyle is one that those in religious circles would condemn and look down upon AND devalue him because of it.  BUT, he’s a real person and I am sad for him today.  He has a positive outlook but losing a job is hard!  I love him like a son and pray that maybe he’s seen at least a little bit of the “real” Jesus in my wife and I.

Not too long ago, he shared with us his practice of REIKI. This is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.  I believe that he has an energy and a personality and a love for mankind that should be seen in those who say they love and follow Christ.  The sad truth is that the modern day church and organized religion is better at sending forth negative energy and offer a journey that’s not so alive!!

And this is the reason that RESTORATION is taking place . . . within myself.  I believe that I’m slowly becoming a new person and hopefully more like Christ.  I am so excited to be a part of our new community.  Maybe God can do something BIG in Joliet, if we just continue to be willing to listen and learn from others’ stories.  By doing so, maybe they can find a new story that only He can offer!


3 thoughts on “Relationships, Reiki, and Restoration

  1. Steve – what a wonderful post. We all choose some sort of spiritual path – whether we realize it or not. It’s a belief in the bigger picture. And the fact that your friend chooses to walk his path in a positive light, is inspiring in itself. Losing your job has got to be one of life’s biggest challenges, but that is when we really need to grab hold of our faith.

    You’re on a great path yourself – spreading the message of Love. Hope. Keep it up!

  2. Whoever this friend is I’m sure he has seen the love and thankfulness, the dedicate you go through to support each other and your family and your never ending ability to be open and helpful that both you and your wife exhibit at your work place.

    You have opened up a path of openness and are walking a path of enlightenment to see past the negative energy that is sent out and turn it into love and hope for those lives you touch. Stories….are so important and you have already seen everyone has a story and as I say ‘we all have our parts to play and roles to fulfill’. Remember that stories have been told by Jesus to teach. They are told in ways that one must think and ponder, to take the grains of knowledge that are encoded in these stories and apply it to ones life. From here we can grow.

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