“A Better Scenario” MINDFREAK

I saw it before and wanted to “give it a read” but I didn’t want to spend the big bucks to purchase the book.  I was able to pick it up on Sunday on the Clearance rack at Barnes & Nobles!  “MINDFREAK Secret Revelations” is full of thoughts from Criss Angel.  Every once in a while someone comes along in their particular field (in this case magic) that stands a part from the crowd.  This is the case for Criss Angel.  I have always been intrigued by his ability to captivate an audience and deliver, so it was only natural that I wanted to read and learn more about what motivates him.

The book doesn’t share alot, yet parts of his story are quite interesting.  I especially love the introduction (hmmmm – I wonder why) when he he says, “As a storyteller, I must absolutely believe in what I’m making you believe so you can identify with it . . . I want to share all aspects of my story with you so you can get an inside view of Criss Angel . . . It has taken me a lifetime to create this long narrative that threads the fabric of my work together with my search, on various levels for a personal style, coherence, essence, and a greater spontaneity, to live the expression of my art.” (This is actually what God calls us to do!!)

So here is the part I really want to share . . . a better scenario.

Criss shares, “It took me years to understand and accept that when something doesn’t happen as you’d like it to, it usually means there is a better scenario in the future. Rejection helps you narrow down and focus on the areas of your life that move you, that propel you toward the right path.  All of those people who rejected me, sent me away, or said no to me built my drive and strengthened my determination to succeed. I never let them beat me down.”

I’m not sure that Criss would completely agree BUT I believe the Bible teaches us this same thing. In fact, I believe that if we pay attention, everything in life (including the rejection and hard times) will propel us toward the right path and that path is not following organized religion or the church BUT Christ and His kingdom.

Don’t let rejection or what others say or difficult circumstances in life beat you down, but rather, look at them as a challenge to move on to the next chapter in your life and write a new part to your story . . . it’s time for a new scenario!

By the way, if you’re looking for coherence or essence, lf you want to live fully the expression of your art, or find out more about how your story (even the rejection and hard parts) fits with His story . . . then join our core team at Istoria Church!


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