Choosing Paths

right_turnResponses from Question #2 from a New Dawn Narrative: “How did you come to this place on your journey or choose your current spiritual path?” (See Blog archives for what the New Dawn narrative is or for responses to Question #1)

“Being removed from youth ministries I began studying other “religions.” More for an educational standpoint than anything. Islam, Mormanism, Hinduism… its all the same, just different names and places.”

“I came to this part of my life through my own life’s trials and tribulations. You live and learn right?”

“I grew up in an Independent Fundamentalist Household. I knew at an early age that Christ is the embodiment of Love, but I had his wrath shoved down my throat. Spirituality is essential for growth. I reached a point in my life where I asked myself; why are you here? what is your purpose? Those are important questions I believe every person should ask themselves.”

“Obviously divorce and church rejection (instead of help) got me to where I am today. I take full responsibility for my actions but was real saddened that my own church turned me out and a church I never believed in reached out and helped me more in 2 years than my independent bible believing baptist church did my entire life.”

“I think that I did what a lot of kids that grew up in church do.  It was my life, but once I started to get older and working and getting around people that were not church people, it became something that I had to do to make my parents not mad at me.  You start to become not convicted anymore and well, it’s downhill from there.  After, about 4 years of no convictions towards my spirituality, I started to try to get back into church.  I felt accepted into them, but not fully.  I kept drinking, smoking, and having sex with my girlfriend at the time.  I wanted to be better, but had no support and no one to help me or to look up to.  I finally found a church in Virginia that I felt a part of and joined it.  I was so close to getting back into it all.  I felt convicted, ready to get right with God.  I just let myself become to busy with things.  Me and my fiance were raised similarly.  We have both decided to quit having sex with each other, until we’re married.  I’ve decided that I want to stop getting drunk.  I’ve decided to try to get right with God.  It’s just hard right now.  I’ve tried so many times before and failed.  I don’t want to make a commitment and not be able to go through with it.  I don’t want to fail at it, and that keeps me from doing it.  That’s where I am, I want to change, I just don’t think that it’s possible for me.”

“I don’t so much choose any of my beliefs, what I believe is the only choice left to me after applying all my logic and reviewing all the answers. I am a very proof driven person. Show me, don’t tell me that God exists. I get a lot of people who ask me where my morals come from if they don’t come from God. There is a book called The Kite Runner which has a great paragraph in it. The main characters father tells him that there is really only one kind of evil in the world: stealing. When you kill a man, you steal his right to live. You steal his family’s right to enjoy his presence. When you discriminate, you steal his right to be equal, and when you stereotype, you steal his right to be individual. I get my morals from what I know to be right and wrong, not from what an old book tells me.”

“Through a lot of soul searching and personal trials and triumph.  It took me hitting rock bottom to realize how simple happiness is to acquire.”

“Well I was highly sheltered till I was about 12 or 13. then events happened that caused me to be thrown from my comfort zone and question everything.”


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