Your View of Jesus/God: EXPRESS Yourself!

series125Here it is . . . Question #3 from our New Dawn Narrative Collection: What is your view of God and/or Jesus?

Here are the responses I received.  Read.  Enjoy.  Then share!! (Do you Agree/ Disagree?)

View of God: Does he exist? Maybe? I don’t really know but there is nothing that I have personally seen that gives me definitive proof that He exists. I am also open to the idea that He exists but has got bored with humanity or isn’t listening anymore or something like that. Or maybe He just likes to watch us and take notes. I have no idea. If He really loved us I think its high time He gave us a real purpose instead of letting us run around like chickens with our heads cut off. If God personally came down to earth, clearly visible to everybody, undeniably real and all-powerful and loving and said “I created you to go to the moon, go there”, there would be colonies on the moon within 2 years, tops. This is just an example of course.

View of Jesus: Did he exist? I believe that he existed as a person. I don’t know anything more than that. Maybe he had divine power. Maybe he was the son of God. Maybe he was a wizard or magician or a time traveler or an alien or a mutant like from X-Men. He was on earth so long ago that there’s really no way to tell. And to me, it really doesn’t matter. It’s great storytelling, Jesus’ tales are pretty neat what with the healing and walking on water and the earthquakes and clairvoyance, never mind the resurrection part. I don’t care who or what he was or where he was from, the bottom line he brought to the table to me is peace. Stop killing each other, stop putting everybody down, live life without regrets and don’t be afraid when your time is up. The whole “The only way into heaven is through me” thing? Not so important to me.

They represent love and understanding. One of the most beautiful things about our Saviour is his forgiveness and mercy. We are all sinners and not worth of salvation but he still provides a simple path to it.They exist, They love their creation, and want them to be happy which is why we have laws… although I think it can get confusing because some ppl say if you break a law your going to hell. I think it’s like breaking a parents rule, you’ll get in trouble but that doesn’t mean there going to kick you out. However you can go so deep lets say become a drug addict who sells their stuff, other ppl’s stuff maybe their own body to get drugs in which loving parents would kick you out and or try to get you help. If you drifted so far from God often a lot of stuff happens to you. Now I do think God puts in his hand in these situations sometimes and sometimes just you wanting to clean up for his, or your sake will also get you cleaned up. Even if he does nothing directly your belief and his guidelines can get you through a lot.

I still believe in the trinity. Still believe God sent his son to die so we could be saved. I don’t believe in the scare tactics to get people saved anymore. Can it work for some people ?? yes. but If you read the bible Judgment only came when people didn’t listen or sinned. God is a God of love not hate, rejection and unforgiveness. Jesus walked with sinners to save them not cast them out or look down on them. His example should be our example. we should love people for who they are not what they can offer the church.

I do not particularly believe in God, however I do believe in a “Higher Being” no matter what He be. Whether he be God, Buddha, Allah, whatever.. God is God. Every religion has his own and who are we to depict which one is the “true” God when they are all generally based upon the same form of higher being?

I feel there is a higher being, God being the most obvious name to me. Jesus, however you want to classify him, is an important figure in regards to religion and could be used interchangeably with “God”


6 thoughts on “Your View of Jesus/God: EXPRESS Yourself!

  1. God came to earth as Jesus to rescue us all from our evil ways which prevented us from knowing God. Through Jesus we can now know God, and through Jesus’ example we know how to behave in a godly way. Through His death, which was in place of our evil deeds, we can inherit eternal life.

    Sounds amazingly fantastic – and yet it is the TRUTH.

      • I think that God was the Son of God and that he came to earth to save us from the sin that condemns us to hell. I think the problem that we face, especially as Christians, is that we see the sin and the destruction that sin causes and we grow weary and think that God is not in the battle with us. So many people say that if there is a God he would make all of the bad things that go on in this world stop. But did they ever stop to consider that God didn’t create the bad things that go on, but that he did create the good things that overcome it. The devil dwells in this world with us and he is the one who contributes to what goes on.

        One of the comments above said that “We run around like chickens with our heads cut off” , but isn’t that our choice? As humans with free will we are allowed to choose to do something with our lives, whether it has something to do with God or not, and we are allowed to carry out those choices as we choose.

    • My cousin replied on facebook and I just wanted to share it with everyone:

      “Very interesting blog. Several made me sad that they don’t know the hope, love and joy that comes with believing. There is nothing like that feeling. I know God works through us all in different ways. I’m not a teacher or a preacher. I don’t know what words to say like you seem to. I pray each day when I go to work that He will work through me and aid me in physically healing bodies.”

      I agree that it is so horrible that many don’t find HOPE. The sad part is that organized religion or the “church” in many cases have given others not a since of love or hope BUT despair, rules that can’t be kept, a way that is actually full of hatred and hurt. Let’s all do like Debbie and share His love each and every day!

  2. I think it boils down to the fact of what you are willing to accept about yourself. If you believe you are good enough on your own or are willing to admit you are not perfect (which is the only way you would be good enough), and see Jesus the way God intended. I think Christianity has made Jesus into what they themselves are instead of becoming more like Him. So many Christians sit in judgement of other people and see them as “less than”. We are ALL equally unworthy of what Christ has done for us. No more, no less. I don’t beleive God desires to have a relationship with one person more than another. He didn’t say he would love those who love Him. He loved us all before we loved Him, before we were even born he paid the ultimate price for you and me. What an amazing thought! He knew who I was and all that I would do and still loved me enough to pursue a relationship with me. ME!!! Why because I wasn’t so bad ? (yeah,right). No, because He loved me!! He’s real and He wants a relationship with us.

  3. I’ve believed a lot of different things about Jesus/God throughout my life, but I can’t say that I ever felt the deep desire for “concrete proof” that He existed. I don’t understand when people attribute everything to science, fate, the stars, etc. I remember a line from a Helen Steiner Rice poem that I heard when I was a kid. “How can one look at Springtime and not believe in God?” May seem sort of cheesy, but I look in awe at what “nature” has created, both human and otherwise, and marvel at God’s creations.

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