To Boldly Go!

Newsweek’s Cover: TO BOLDY GO…How ‘Star Trek’ Taught Us To Dream Big.Cover

Are you a “trekky”?  Are you excited about the new upcoming movie (#11)?

I was reminded once again by my cousin (from a comment about this BLOG) that there are so many people in our world without HOPE and without LOVE.  In fact, the sad fact is that organized religion and the “church” in general has really messed the Gospel up.

Jesus and/or God is not seen as a God or religion of hope and love but rather pain, hurt, rules, and a life of burden.

The Bible tells us that Jesus loved everyone and wanted to spend time with them and be real. He offers us a life MORE ABUNDANT if we follow Him. We have HOPE and LOVE and He asks for us to BOLDLY GO and share His love and this hope to the entire world (not just our local “country club” congregations).

But who will take the big risks?  Who will be BOLD and go wherever He asks us to go?  I love the new friends I have made in Joliet and pray that they see the real Jesus through me and my family.  The question for you is “where are you going and are you willing to go?”

My eyes filled with tears.  She called us and said that she’s pretty sure God wants her to minister in Haiti after college.  They were tears of sadness because that means we may not see her much, but most of all, they were tears of JOY.  Our daughter is willing to BOLDLY GO to another nation to show them love and hope! We’re so proud of you Candace!!

To those who are still not sure about the God or Jesus thing . . . maybe you’ve been hurt by a church or pastor or priest . . . maybe you’re tired of organized religion . . . maybe you’re just unsure about life and it’s struggles – can I say to you that He loves you immensely and will wait for you as you journey closer to the love and hope that comes through Christ!!!

Speaking of a world with no hope, may this video speak to you as it did me!


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