Speaking Out!

New Dawn Narrative Question #6: “If you could say one thing to today’s “followers of Christ”, what would you tell them?”  READ what others had to say and then SHARE what you would like to say.

RESPONSE 1:  Know what you believe, don’t let someone else tell you. Study everything. If Christianity is the “ying”, study the “yang.” Find out what the differences are, compare and contrast and you’ll find what you are looking for.

RESPONSE 2: Open your heart, grab a hold of the Love Christ represented, and treat others as you want to be treated.

RESPONSE 3: Don’t forget where you came from. A huge problem I had in my ministry is that people forgot where they came from and looked down on newly saved Christians who didn’t know or conform. They would rather gossip or complain about what they did or did not do instead of reaching out and helping them. Secondly, love your own. We’re all human. If someone sins, pray for them. Help them no matter what they’ve done. Don’t take the easy road and cast them out. Take the harder road and care for them. Be real. Like I stated before. Your testimony is seriously blemished if you act like a saint on Sunday and live like the devil the rest of the week. I’m not saying carry your bible, read and pray 24/7. but if you act like yourself in and out of church it’s a better witness.

RESPONSE 4: Don’t push stuff on people, if it comes up cool, but don’t force it to come up every time you talk to them. Don’t be fake and don’t think that the sermon applies to everyone but you. It’s fine to make mistakes, but do your best to amend them with people you hurt.

RESPONSE 5: Don’t let people slip through. There were times where all I needed was someone to grab me and say “HEY!  this is what the Bible says.  I know you know it, but here’s what it says, here’s what you’re doing.  YOU’RE WRONG!  I want to meet with you once a week and have Bible studies and we’ll figure this out.”  It’s hard to come out and admit you have a problem to other church goers.  I took a lot for me to write all of this.  I hope it helps someone out.  I hope it helps me out.

RESPONSE 6: Be real and be true to your faith. No matter what faith you choose to follow. Respect your choice and respect the choice of others. Share love and compassion to those around you, no matter their choice in lifestyle because thats what God would want us to do. Respect and love yourself and also respect and love the others around you. Positive energy can do nothing but present and create positive energy in others who may be going through their own negatives and a polite smile or hello could bring great positivity to anyone at any given time.

RESPONSE 7: Don’t be a follower. I’m not saying don’t follow in Christ’s footsteps. I’m sabubblespeakerying don’t follow the herd. Humanity gets all caught up in semantics that we literally kill each other by the hundreds of thousands over it. If you want to believe in Christ, that’s great, good luck in your quest to find God or whatever. But don’t do it because it’s what’s expected of you. Do it because you want to, and do it if it makes you happy.



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