To Feel

spring_tree2On my way back from Ohio, I heard a comment on the radio that I haven’t been able to shake.  It was simple and yet to me – so profound.  We are all so busy with life.  I know that my days are filled with work and work and running people to and from work and paying bills and planning a church start and . . . .  You get the idea and can probably relate to some degree or even more!!

It was a simple idea and I think I’ll try it.  I have a To Do list and try to always get things done.  I feel like I’ve accomplished something as I cross each item off. The suggestion was to add a spot on the list called To Feel.  On your To Feel list, add things like: sit down – relax and take in the fresh spring air (thanking God for His beautiful Creation), hug your daughter, write a short note to your wife reminding her that she is special, call your mom or dad and say “just thinking about you,” by a classmate a candy bar, play catch with your son, pause – be still – and know that He is God.

I used to be good at doing many of those things but the To Do list has crowded them out – so why not add them to the list and FEEL again?!


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