“. . . finding Christ already there.”

Jesus at partyI love it when someone says eloquently what I am thinking or believe.  (I’m not so good with words and grammar.) This happened again recently as I read several great quotes on mission (evangelism, outreach – whatever you wish to call it).

Here are a few excerpts from “So Beautiful” written by Leonard Sweet:  (Read. Enjoy. Feel free to comment.)

These are the best of times to be the church.
These are the worst of times to be a church.

~ Reggie McNeal

“The passion for evangelism is nothing other than a passion for reading the signs of what god is up to, connecting the God-dots, signing up, and then laying down our lives on God’s dotted lines. The French Jesuit Jean Danielou, writing on the theology of mission in the 1950s, said that fruitful missionary efforts ‘stopped thinking of bringing Christ to China … but rather started thinking about finding Christ already there.’ “

“As soon as you say to Jesus ‘I’m in,’ he says back at you, ‘You’re out.’ ”  “We don’t need mor mission trips but more mission people for whom all of life is a mission trip.”

“Unless we are pointing to Jesus, introducing and helping others to encounter this Word-made-Flesh who challenges our core assumptions, engages with us in unexpected ways, and turns our lives bottoms up, then we are not functioning as a church.”

“Our starting point is not telling people where they should be, but being with people where they already are ‘while going’ and catching up to the Spirit”


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