Stories in SONG

djI know. . . It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog.  Life has been busy.

Can I ask your help with something?  Many of you probably know already, but in just a couple of months Istoria Church will have its first service.  God has been soooo good and we’re excited to see what will happen!!

Istoria is Greek for story and we believe everyone has one.  At Istoria we want to share the “big narrative” through various avenues.  One of those story-telling avenues is through song!  Music is a very important part of our lives – and this is evident through our obsession with song.  Just check out the multi-million dollar music business!

So, she asked my wife what kind of music we will use at IC and the answer is simple . . . music that shares a story.  Whether it is worship, hymns, pop, classical, rock-n-roll, etc. – if it helps tell the story being shared about the Good News – we might just use it.

She asked if she could share a couple songs we might could use – songs on her play list that share a part of our life story.  The Answer: I’d love it!!!   And that’s the reason for this blog post.

We relate to our favorite tunes and the stories they tell. So, what songs have helped you on your journey? What songs could I tag on to a sermon or add to our service that we all could relate too?  (Maybe it shares life’s good times or bad times or the daily or relationship struggles we all deal with.)

Respond to this post and help me start an IC play list of “story” songs.  Visit us at Istoria one day and you might just hear your suggested tune and once again be affected by the life stories in song!

By the way, don’t respond yet . . . but I’ll soon be asking for input about “life story” novels, poems, movies, music videos, etc.!!!


5 thoughts on “Stories in SONG

  1. I could probably write a book about music. It’s my favorite way to worship! One particular song that means a great deal to me is Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Jubilee”. The lyrics are amazing, and it’s like God sings/speaks through them.

  2. I constantly have music going on and I am surrounded by music! At home I always have a radio station going (mostly fusion radio), or in the car there must be a song, at work there’s always a DJ, and I wake and fall asleep to music. It’s so hard to just pick out songs I’ll just hand over my iPhone for you to copy as it has songs from all genres that have related some way to me in my life. =)

    I really like this idea Steve and it will help relate to people who are going through different paths in life.

  3. Steve:

    You know how I feel about music – it’s the inspiration it provides. And it keeps me moving forward. I have a few good songs I can think of, but one that comes to mind is Amy Grant: If These Walls Could Speak. Amazing song about loss and keeping the memories alive.

    And congrats on your upcoming first service.. Go spread the Light!


  4. Give me Jesus
    I love this song it speaks the truth of God desire for relationship with us. The power of the truth in song. This world is not our home.

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