Mc10:35 “The Secret to a Cult Following?”


So, you might check out the link above or look at the picture and say,”yuck,” or “no thanks,” OR your arteries might begin to harden. You may respond like myself and others and say, “they have something like that at Red Robin!”

Guess it’s because I’m a pastor but after the Red Robin thought, I began thinking . . . why is this “menu item” becoming a hit? why is there a cult following? what’s the big deal? Can a church-planter or pastor (like myself) or any other entrepreneur learn something from this article/event/phenomena?

Of course, and it’s simple: organic ownership. The Mc10:35 is a hit and gaining a cult following because it began with the people. It wasn’t conjured up by a group or committee. It wasn’t propagated through heavy advertising bombardments; but rather, it came about organically. They created, enjoyed, got excited, and are spreading the word.

So, the question for you and I is . . . how can we make that happen with our businesses and churches?  Does it have nothing to do with us at all? OR can we create an atmosphere that allows the people to take ownership and results in organic growth?

One more question, anyone willing to give the Mc10:35 a try and report back to us?!?


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