Because Everyone’s Story Matters

What a surprise. He got it. He lived it. To Jesus, everyone’s story mattered!  BUT, religion, the church, Christianity – how do we miss it?!

UNLIKE.  Don’t you wish you could add one of those buttons to your facebook account.  I think I would get myself in trouble if I did so.  The thing is, I’m a pastor, and the posts that confuse and infuriate me most are the ones posted by other Christians. The politically charged, homosexuality bashing, intolerant, hateful comments that I propose Jesus would have never LIKED and in fact, if He did have an UNLIKE button, He’d probably be the first to do so OR maybe just delete the “friend’ altogether.

OR would He?  I caught myself this morning.  I caught myself admiring my story and how I see Scripture and Jesus differently than before.  Jesus was all about love, life, restoration, peace, and healing.  So, leave your opinions to yourself . . . yes?

But then, wouldn’t Jesus love those intolerant Christians too?  This doesn’t mean I have to agree with or LIKE the posted opinions, but, everyone’s story matters to Him and as a Christian who is striving to be more like Him, I should love them too??

One of my favorite quotes states that, “Hurt people hurt people.”  I was there.  I’ve said the ugly things.  I use to use religion as a weapon and rules as a way of feeling “right with God.”  BUT, by His grace, I see things and Jesus differently now.  He rebuked the Pharisees (the spiritual leaders that “had it all together”) for the very things I read online BUT he still loved them.

I’m getting better at it.  My family and I moved to Joliet to start a church that is striving to live and love like Jesus and help bring restoration and hope to the community.  We have decided to accept and love everyone in our midst, despite their political stance, upbringing, race, agendas, religion, and lifestyle. Now, Lord grant me the grace for those who have not yet experienced the freedom of loving everyone “because everyone’s story matters!”


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