My Credo

My Rhetoric professor asked us to compose a personal credo that distills our unique approach to life into a short statement of no more that 250 words.  This was my final draft – my credo.

I believe in the Jesus of the Bible (not the skewed version Christianity has embodied). I believe He offers us a picture of life and love at its fullest and not a life of hatred, judgment, separation and bigotry.

I believe in a created universe and that it is our responsibility to care for and advocate for actions and policies to protect our environment and planet.

I believe that everyone’s story is valuable no matter one’s race, lifestyle, gender preference or belief system. I believe in peace and reconciliation and not war. I believe that we often misunderstand others because we fail to get to know them or their point of view and one of the main reasons we hurt others is because we ourselves have been hurt and have not yet been helped.

I believe we each have gifts and talents that could help make a difference in society if we would just take the first steps of faith and live a life of risk. I believe that we find our true story when we allow our lives of brokenness and healing enter into the stories of our families, spouses, children, neighbors, community, city, nation, and world.

I believe that life finds purpose when we lend a helping hand to the broken, hurting, and less fortunate, and help re-write the stories of destruction, dysfunction, loss and sorrow we encounter while on our earthly journey.

I believe that this is where we find meaning, permanence and stability in a divided and complicated world.


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