The Beginning?(after the grumbling)

I grumbled today . . . a lot.


Verb: To complain or protest about something in a bad-tempered but typically muted way.

We had our normal church service today . . . the five of us . . . family. I let Him (God) know that it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t right, it wasn’t suppose to be this way.  We should be a local gathering of 100 or more by now!!!  We risked so much and followed Him here to make a difference.  I spent time in prayer and prepared a message for a crowd NOT a few. (Now don’t judge me yet . . . I know . . . God has blessed us and He reminded me of that today.  In fact, even recently he helped us find a new home to rent and it all happened moments before our current rental’s eviction process began.)

Then I get the text that my buddy got offered a “paying” church job today. I’ve been praying for him “and you answered that prayer!!!?” And then there was the Facebook status update from a church planting friend.  Things didn’t work out for their plant so they moved on and he just got a pastorate in another state.  (Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy for them both BUT I haven’t heard anything new from God and I’m still here . . . in JOLIET!)

And that brings me to Part 2 of this post.  Several church planters when they first start begin with just family.  God blesses and adds like-minded individuals to the mix and the local gathering grows – a new church is born.  On our first Sunday a few years ago, we had fifty.  TODAY, was family – the few. I’ve been believing God for BIG things and this is what He gave me? Then it hit me – today was maybe our new start – our new beginning?  Maybe, just maybe, today was the beginning of something great for Istoria.

And we already have more than just a few. To the people of Istoria: Please don’t think I’m upset that you weren’t there today.  We know you have so much going on. Some of you were out of town, two of you just lost someone precious, some are facing their own struggles (and probably did some grumbling of your own today), others of you just needed a break or you were feeling under the weather. Thank you for being a part of our dream for Istoria and our community BUT let me ask you “Are you ready to be a part of something BIG?!”

Why the grumbling? I have a dream of seeing our local gathering live and love like Jesus and help transform Joliet, Illinois and to see that happen we need MORE people. Will you join us?


One thought on “The Beginning?(after the grumbling)

  1. I’m with you on the BIG dreams….just not necessarily on the big numbers. I’m sure you’ve run across the Margrette Mead quote : “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” God is BIG. A church – a group of brothers and sisters that love Christ and each other and their neighbors and community…doesn’t have to be big to have an impact. I would argue that Isotoria already has had a big impact in a relational, one-on-one sort of way.

    Or maybe God was just giving you a Job moment today. Your doing everything right…so why hasn’t he ‘blessed’ the church in the way you thought he would? He has been known to test us humans from time to time.

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