Because He Said GO

One day I might just write a chapter BUT for now . . .

Have we turned church planting into business only?  I agree that at times some business principles, resources, and plans may apply. Heck, I have even subscribed to magazines like Inc, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company for church planting and ministry ideas. An entrepreneur takes risks and so should a man of God who is planting a church. BUT, please people – let us not leave God and faith out of our “business” plans! So, maybe the man is not perfect or lacks some training or would not make the best mega-church planting CEO BUT if God calls him – give the guy a chance. Maybe God knows more than you or your assessments? And when that man of God or new church takes big steps of faith and are GODled to do “impossible” things for God, why do we need to figure it out first, make sure it’s feasible, or have a five-step plan? Maybe, we serve a God who wants us to trust Him a little more and take that one step just because He said GO.


3 thoughts on “Because He Said GO

  1. A good steward? Yes. But, sometimes God says GO- There’s no questioning – there’s no time to plan – there’s no figuring it out or trying to make sure it will work out with – there’s no making sure you’ve got it all together first – you just GO.

  2. Great questions to consider, Steve — not only for a newly planted church but also an older, more established church. God’s plans rarely fit our business models!

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