Seeing God?


Quotes I love from Lillian Daniel’s new book “When ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ Is Not Enough”:

“. . . provocative questions about this spirituality of status quo”: “Who are you, God of sunsets and rainbows and bunnies and chain e-mails about sweet friends? Who are you, cheap God of self-satisfaction and isolation? Who are you, God of the beautiful and physically fit? Who are you, God of the spiritual and not religious? Who are you, God of the lucky, chief priest of the religion of gratitude? Who are you, and are you even worth knowing? Who are you, God whom I invent? Is there, could there be, a more interesting God who invented me?”

“Often we read the stories about Jesus eating with the sinners as a cautionary tale against judging others. Do not be like those Pharisees who exclude and divide. It’s a good lesson to take away, but it’s a lesson that puts us in the position of power and decision-making, where we think we belong. Perhaps you should try reading this story like you’re the tax collector. You’re looking over the tables, wondering where you can sit down, and who will have you. You want a way out of your past mistakes and your sins. You want to live better. Perhaps you are circling around the edge of a church, wondering if there is a place for you in religious community.”

“You can be open-minded and still know what you think . . . accepting of other people’s ideas and still willing to articulate your own . . . rejoice in the many diverse paths to God and still invite your neighbor to church.”

“I don’t come to church for evidence or for a closing argument. I come to experience the presence of God, to sense the mystery of things eternal, and to learn a way of life that makes no sense to those stuck sniffing around for proof.”

“Dear God, give bread to those who are hungry and a hunger and thirst for justice to those who have plenty. Amen.” – Benedictine prayer


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