art-pope-620x349The Pope retires.

I read the following excerpt this morning written by NBC News staff writer Alastair Jamieson: “Pope Benedict XVI assured a huge, cheering crowd at the Vatican Wednesday that he was not abandoning the Catholic Church, saying he would remain at its service through prayer. I ask each of you to pray for me,’ he told tens of thousands who gathered in the sunshine to watch his final general audience before Thursday’s abdication. Referring to the many turbulent moments of his papacy, he acknowledge its moments of joy but also difficulty when ‘It seemed like the Lord was sleeping.’ ‘There were moments when the waters were choppy and there were headwinds,’ he said.”

Asking for prayer . . . admitting doubt . . . a bad thing? OR possibly what we need to see from even more spiritual leaders? Humanity, honesty, and humility.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE: http://tinyurl.com/ahqph2q


4 thoughts on “WHAT GOD’S PEOPLE NEED?

  1. One of the things I didn’t like about the Catholic Church was the hierarchy. I have to say, though, as a spiritual leader, the Catholic Church has done pretty well in the last two Popes. JP2 and Benedict were humble, Godly men. It will be interesting to see the results of this Conclave.

  2. Good thing – in fact, would suggest humility and honesty are essential job requirements for anyone in leadership – in our out of the church.

  3. http://nbcnews.to/11T3VSy

    The washing of feet is an important religious rite on Holy Thursday. While in the past Francis’ predecessors washed the feet of priests in the Basilica of St. John in Lateran, Francis chose to kneel down before young offenders at the Casal del Marmo Penitentiary Institute for Minors.

    The group of 12 young people who had their feet washed and kissed by the pope included two young women – the first time a pope included females in the rite.

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