Pastor’s Wife Seeking Church Without a Pastor

Dear Church:

writing-a-resume-4So, I know you’re looking for a lead or senior pastor. You’re looking for that guy that has vision and can execute the mission. He needs to be a shepherd, a discipler, an encourager, a motivator. You’re searching for a good speaker who is true to God’s Word and can communicate the Gospel making it relevant to the congregation. You might even be looking for that man who can strategically help the church live out the Gospel in your community and your world. But . . .

What about his wife? This is my cover letter recommendation for my wife. Looking for all of the above supported by a woman of faith? Look no further.

Five years ago, she stepped out in faith and followed me to Joliet, Illinois to plant a church. We left everything behind: a good paying church job, the choir she loved, the opportunity to stay at home and not work. She has had to leave family and friends and move to an area where we knew no one and she is now ready to do it once again!

Things have been crazy as of late. You see, six months ago we found out that our rental home will be going in foreclosure -this is the third time in the last few years. We began the process of looking for a church for me to pastor and she follows wherever the Lord leads and I choose not knowing what’s in store for her. We have two daughters both headed off to college soon and no money to help them. Her job is in jeopardy. My school job ends in May.  Our one car broke down last week and our sump pump quit working last night and my wife . . . ?

She’s been strong. God has been molding her faith and preparing her for great ministry. She continues to love and minister to others on the job.  Instead of belting out complaints, she takes a gulp and a big deep sigh, rests her head on my shoulder and trusts. And when I need it most, she reminds me that God has a plan and that He is in control.

You see, when you get me, you also get my wife. She’s not without her flaws, but the messy she has been through and the sacrifices she has made has and is preparing her to minister to the whole person, the broken person, the lost person, the one struggling with God, faith, risk, and love.

When looking for a pastor, please notice my accomplishments, gifts, service, and experience BUT please don’t forget . . . you get my wife too. And I highly recommend her for the job!

HERE’S MY BLOG “Pastor Looking For Not So Perfect Church”


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