random thoughts

The more I mature in my faith, the more I find it hard to agree with professional Christians and the easier it is to love those far from Him.

Noah didn’t have it completely together. This is okay. God uses the misfits, the weak, and those whom others would pass by.

Was watching “Preachers Daughters” on Lifetime and thought of how grateful I am for my five children. They are not perfect but neither am I. They are lovely, creative individuals with amazing personalities and passionate hearts. I couldn’t be more proud. Happy father.

Not knowing is hard: not knowing when we will need to move, not knowing if my goodbyes to my students in May will be my last, not knowing where God is sending us, not knowing how it will all work out. Not knowing is hard. Trusting in Him is easy. Trusting in God is easy when I’m not thinking about how not knowing is hard.

I miss preparing sermons for a group of individuals that God has brought me to minister to. Lord, prepare me. Prepare their hearts. Prepare my heart to proclaim the Gospel and touch the lives of others wherever You send us.

I am ready Father. Pour out your blessings.


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