Pastor Looking For Not So Perfect Church

I’ve looked through a lot of church staffing job descriptions over the last few months and it’s always fun to see what each church is looking for in a pastor. I thought I’d take a few moments to turn the table and write a job description for the kind of church I’m seeking.

Senior Pastor Looking For A Church
Anywhere, United States
Date Posted: 04/05/2014
Still Looking: 10/01/2014
Categories: Senior Pastor Search
Denomination: Not Applicable
Church Size: Not Applicable
Job Type: Full-Time

Steven Todd Hinkle is a creative, visionary shepherd. He and his family are currently seeking the Lord’s direction for their future and searching for their next church. The church will seek to be a body of believers who wants to live and love like Jesus and bring hope to the broken both locally and globally.

The ideal church does not have to be filled with only those who are experienced, college educated, or have a proven track record. In fact, this pastor has a heart for those who may not have it all together. He loves to preach about the Kingdom of God and encourage others that God wants to take the messy and make it beautiful. The church should be a place that has open arms and believes that everyone’s story matters. The believers and the skeptics, the young and the old, the wealthy and the poor, the straight and the homosexual, the married and the divorced, the complacent and the zealous should all have a safe place to experience the love of Christ.

The church should be okay with having a pastor who wants to creatively communicate and disciple the congregation and guests. They should be able to handle pastoral transparency and a passion to see the church take big risks for Christ including the starting of other local outreaches to the poor, church plants, and global ministry. They will be willing to work together with other churches, ministries, and local businesses and charities to help transform their community by helping the poor and bring beauty and justice where it’s needed most.

The church doesn’t need to be perfect nor will she ever be expected to do so. Whenever a church is living like Christ, things might look messy and this pastor is okay with the messy. If the church has a staff, Steve will not want to take over but rather just be part of the team, seek to encourage, help build up each staff member’s individual talents and calling, and just hang out and be a good friend.

You can find out more about this pastor here:

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