Love a Copious Quote?


“He wrapped himself in quotations – as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.” ― Rudyard Kipling

I love a good quote and when I find a good book laden with stunning quotations, I must put it down if I don’t have a highlighter in hand. I love it when I finally find the appropriate words to eloquently elucidate my inner thoughts and inarticulate impressions. It excites me when I find a writer whom conveys it the way I had wished to transmit it to others. Someone once said that, “quotations in conversation are torches in darkness.”

In the last fourteen weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to read twelve books. Here are a few of my favorite “highlighter worthy” quotations. ENJOY!

“Donating money to the poor without asking why the poor exist in the first place allows us to alleviate our guilt without fundamentally challenging the system that perpetuates poverty.” ~ Peter Rollins

“Imagine a Christian community where followers of Christ are not merely focused upon church-based programs, but they are taught how to commune with Christ and glorify him in business, the arts, medicine, education, and every other channel of the culture where he has called them. Such a church would exist not to advance its own agenda but to advance the common good.” ~ Skye Jethani

“We need to discover once again that we have something to die for, for it is only when we have something to die for that we have something to live for.” ~ Dwight Longenecker

“The only church that illuminates is a burning one.” ~ Slavoj Žižek

“When someone feels the true worth of who they are because you stopped what you were doing and made life about them, you have hit on essential component of Moment Making.” ~ Carlos Whittaker

“When we address people who bother sitting through a sermon, we need to grapple with their deepest dreams, wounds, and secrets.” ~ James C. Howell

“If the Christian church does not learn new modes of urban ministry, we will find ourselves on the outside looking in. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must call a new generation of committed Christians into these teeming cities.” ~ Al Mohler

“Happy visions of the future with promises of prosperity and peace, they are met with great skepticism and even ridicule. My generation needs more than a hope for tomorrow, we demand evidence of it today.” ~ Skye Jethani

“We are all tellers of the story, which does not heal by taking away the pain but by giving us a way to live with it — naming it, sharing it, enduring it. To run from what hurts is natural. To face it is not, and yet that is where our true health lies. If we are able to turn toward the pain of the world and let it do its work, the result may be hearts broken open to God and one another.” ~ Barbara Brown Taylor

“If we are in Christ, we don’t need to try to gain the riches of Christ; we need to realize that Christ’s full treasure is already within us.” ~ Neil Cole

“When a moment scars someone, even when a moment devastates someone, it is never too late to rescue that moment. It is never too late to see the arms of Jesus around a moment and allow him to rescue it.” ~ Carlos Whittaker

“The God affirmed in religion is not so easy to walk away from because, like alcohol, this working hypothesis helps us avoid a full confrontation with our lives.” ~ Peter Rollins

“Preaching is an obligation, and we suffer an inability to do it well.” ~ James C. Howell

“Modern religion has ceased to be a religion at all. It has become a set of table manners.” ~ Dwight Longenecker


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