Could Be Worse

I was reminded today that despite a few small inconveniences and a little waiting on God, life is pretty amazing. When I wallow in doubt or fear I often only need to be reminded that someone else has it much worse off. That happened this morning.

I woke, took the puppy out, fed us both, took a shower and then sat down for a quick email check. I reviewed the job ads to see if there were any new churches looking for a pastor and as of late there have been very few. I said a quick prayer and asked God to lead us and then one of the listings didn’t just catch my attention BUT brought me to a place of thanksgiving for God’s blessings and a prayer for those who are dealing with things much worse than I can imagine.

The “Pastor Jobs” link read: Experienced Caregiver For Former Pastor With MS. He gave his life to God, the Gospel and others. There is no one now to bring him care.

Would you take a moment this morning to pray with me that God will intervene and help this man of God and that He’d remind us that He’s watching out for us and that things could be worse.



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