Unstoppable Hero

heroMy school chapel message (5/12/14) in poem form.

You were born in His image.
To make a difference – your vision.
You were born to be a hero.
Now get to it – start your mission.

Time to believe in something bigger.
Time to move outside your self.
Time to invest your life in others.
Time to seek another’s wealth.

You will discover something to die for
when you take time to look around.
There are hurts and pains. There is loneliness.
The lost and broken – they abound.

When you find that something to die for
you will finally learn to live.
The super hero that’s within you
will swoop in, restore, and give.

It’s a new way of seeing
and the risks may cause some pain,
but you will share your story,
you’ll face danger, and reap great gain.

If it were easy, there would be others.
But you WILL answer the call!
With eyes full of compassion,
you will set forth and rescue them all.

You’ve made me mighty proud, my friend.
You’ve listened and we’ve shared.
It’s now your turn to be the teacher.
Show the world that someone cares.

Who knows where your quest will lead you.
But there’s one thing I know for sure –
when you embrace the hero within you,
you will fight and you’ll endure.

One day, I’ll read the headlines –
your name in bold and at the top
because you will have made a lasting impact
and the hero could not be stopped!


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