Hurry Up Joy!

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 2.18.47 PMEver go to church and even more so then on other days find yourself saying, “Wow, that was just what I needed today”? That’s how it was for me this morning. It was one of those faith things I already knew but it was so good to hear it from someone else and be comforted and validated in my thoughts and fears.

Pastor Jason’s message today (from the sermon series “Out of Control”) came from John 16:16-24. Here are some of the great truths we were reminded of today. May you also find strength and guidance from these words:

Christ’s disciples were paralyzed in sorrow and Christ had to pull them out! They needed to see their situation from a higher level. They were called to something HUGE and so they had to snap out of the sorrow quickly.

Their sorrow was the fact that Jesus was leaving them. Sometimes in the sorrow and in my case “in the waiting”, we feel left alone and maybe even as if God has left us or is leaving us. BUT, He reminded them and reminds us that “in a little while, you will see Me!” In fact, in verse 19 we read: “Jesus KNEW they wanted to question Him.” Jesus was fully aware of their confusion and He is fully aware of ours as well!!

Pastor Jason reminded us that even Christ ENDURED the cross for the JOY that was set before Him! In fact, Christ cried out to God that if there was any other way, “please take this cup from me!” God is okay with us asking for things to change but ultimately, we must trust Him that JOY is right around the corner.

We were reminded as well that perspective here is key. To a child, “a little while” might mean “in just a minute.” For an adult speaking to a child, “a little while” might be even a few hours. We must trust Him in the sorrow and waiting and believe that he is working behind the scenes and that His “little while” is the exact amount of time it needs to be even though (from our perspective) the JOY couldn’t get here soon enough!

Everything I have
And everything I know
All the plans I made
I put You in control

Through all the sorrows
And all through the pain
You alone can save
You are the Name of Names!
“Name of Names” lyrics by on of my students Josiah Blan!


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