Embrace the Ugly

Ray Hennessy, the Editorial Director on Entrepreneur.com, in a recent article stated that “we just can’t accept that people are human and they will always screw up.” He went on to say that our limitations should be “owned, not orphaned.”

I agree 100%. We need to own our stories, every part. It is the messy, the mistakes, and our muck that mold us into the masterpiece we are becoming! Redemption, renewal, and restoration help us transform the broken into the beautiful.

In the past, I was taught that you “ought not hide your sin” and yet the church did not offer us a safe place to find grace on the journey. I believe (along with Mr. Hennessy) that we shouldn’t try to erase those chapters of our story but rather allow them to remind us that we are humanly flawed but can succeed despite it all. A new chapter is waiting to be written. I also believe that a true grasp of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God allows us to see how we all play an important part in helping make all things beautiful. Jesus didn’t hide from the sinners but rather spent time among them and offered them hope and a future.

Thank you Ray for reminding us that it’s okay to be defective. We all are. It’s time to embrace the ugly. You can read Ray Hennessy’s article here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234393



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