The Dangerous Divine

WAVEIn his book “Yawning at Tigers,” author Drew Dyck challenges us to not settle for the comfortable and commonplace and be a part of a greater adventure in following the mysterious, majestic, and dangerous God! “In our attempt to make the message palatable,” we have made God small. We domesticate the divine and thereby remove the reverence, the power, and the awe. Drew shares an incredible analogy by talking about the ocean. The ocean is beautiful and brings peace and consternation because it is powerful, vast, and dangerous. When we serve a God who is anything less than majestic, we are missing out. We become bored.

When our church services leave out the mysterious and sacred, we leave unchallenged and unchanged. His holy presence is what makes us stand in awe and take the big steps of faith for His kingdom. We must find the beautiful balance or better yet the wholeness of God in both His wrath and love. To diminish one or the other destroys the very essence of God and tames His love toward us as well as our service to Him. Drew points out: “When a desire for safety paralyzes us with fear and prevents us from carrying out God’s mission, something is wrong.”

61XHYWAQeYL“Yawning at Tigers” was an amazing read and a superlative text displaying the harmony of God’s perilous mystery and love. The first section of the book (Part 1: Tiger Territory) in and of itself is well worth anyone’s time but I highly recommend it’s potent message to all those who pastor and have the responsibility to share the Good News of God’s Kingdom and challenge their congregations to make a difference in their neighborhoods and the world. Experience the Dangerous Divine. Ride the wave! Thomas Nelson provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give.


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