“Be still.” It has to be one of the most arduous things to do. In an age of instant satisfaction, google gratification, and misplaced relaxation it’s a major pain searching for peace. And that’s probably the problem . . . it’s not found in the search.

sunProbably one of the best things our family did this summer was buy a season pass to the local waterpark. This purchase challenged us to leave behind the melancholy and mundane and set forth on a weekly adventure of calm and composition.

We occasionally feel like pawns in the game of Wait. The “game” can leave you feeling helpless and stuck. If too much time is spent speculating God’s hand or fretting future ventures, one can be left feeling lonely, broken, or forgotten.

And so we’ve been waterparked. Parked by the water. Sitting still in the sun, reclining with a book, watching the children play, and thanking heaven for another God graced day. Waiting and worshipping, thanking instead of fussing, being still and knowing that He is preparing a place for us. Sometimes the best thing to do “in the wait” is relax and be captured by His wonder.

“Jesus did not suffer so that you would not suffer, but that when you suffer you will become like Him.” Tim Keller


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