Capturing The Special Moments


Life can be crazy busy. In a fast-paced world, we each need a reminder on how to step back, capture the important moments, and share them with others.

photo(2)I love vacation with family; however, I want to pack as much adventure into one week as possible and often end up exhausted at the end. Have you ever heard the phrase “now I need a vacation from my vacation”? During the craziness, I tried to capture some of the fleeting moments on photos.

One of my favorite photos captures my moment of fear but my wife and daughter’s moment of excitement and tranquility. They edged themselves out on the cliff overlooking the Blackwater Falls as I kept my distance because I might just fall off if got any closer than 30 feet away! Thank goodness for zoom! In the busyness, I captured a moment I’ll treasure forever.

Matt Knisely in his new book “Framing Faith” encourages us to slow down and not miss the important things that ought to be our main focus in a hectic world. He reminds us to listen to God, to capture those special moments, and share the beauty with others along the way.

Every snapshot is significant and every story essential. We often miss out on a true relationship with God and others. Matt shares that our “friendships” via technology (if viewed like physical hunger) “fill us up the way an iced mocha cappuccino does – an initial burst of energy and pleasure that crashes shortly thereafter.” Life and relationship should be so much more and that’s the focus of his writings. When it comes to our relationship with God, Matt reminds us that “we continually build barriers between ourselves and God’ and “by letting ourselves get distracted, by not being attentive, we lose some important elements of our existence.”

Matt Knisely is an award winning photojournalist who does an excellent job at teaching us to capture God in a hurried world. Thomas Nelson provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give.



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