A More Beautiful GOD

“The GOD Soliloquy came about from my ceaseless, lifelong search for a sensible explanation to all the ills we seem to face in this world. I have been searching for answers right from childhood for more than five decades.” ~Gopi Menon

The GOD Soliloquy leads us on a spiritual journey into the mind and heart of author Gopi Menon. Written in the first person as though God was speaking, we find a spiritual construct of hope – one person’s quest to answer the tough questions of belief and life.

Menon encourages his readers to “use their own critical independent thinking and not just accept everything blindly” because “this is what GOD has gifted us with – free will and choice to think independently.” It is no wonder why the author and many of us have sought out truth on our own. Most of us, like Menon, had someone tell us “to stop asking such questions and just accept what was told.” He even rightfully warns us that some “unscrupulous people
used the fear of their god and claim “that they alone” know what it is that god truly wants.

I am a follower of Christ and yet I found this reading insightful and affirming of my own spiritual path in many ways. Here are a few of the author’s comments and my takeaways from each: (Don’t forget, Menon is speaking in first person as GOD.)

“HEAVEN – do you really think that it makes sense for me to create a place of total tranquility and peace for ETERNITY to reward humans for what they do, during this short lifetime?”

That would seem ludicrous, wouldn’t it? My faith is so much more than a “free trip” to heaven. My faith offers an abundant life on earth and a kingdom that we can participate in now and ultimately culminate in heaven. I’ll explain more in a few.

“We believe that we are sinners and can make it to heaven only by means of lots of penance and sacrifices! These are all beliefs that came about from the false teachings we absorbed at a very young age.”

I believe in a God of grace and mercy. He (God) may call for us to sacrifice to see His kingdom of love, beauty, peace, and restoration fulfilled in the lives of others BUT I believe it is because of HIS sacrifice that we find hope.

The idea of god coming down to earth to answer each person’s prayers just because god is pleased with the rituals prescribed by religions is too far-fetched.”

I was taught similar things from an early age and found them to be wanting. God’s ways are above our ways and the beauty of His kingdom reaches far beyond our petty rituals and religious platitudes.

Like a good parent, GOD loves us unconditionally; his blessings are with us always; we do not have to keep beseeching him for his blessings; he does not need physical sacrifices from us; and GOD would be happy to see us make the most of ourselves while enjoying the world he has provided us with.”

As mentioned before, I believe that He does call us to sacrifice but not in the ways many religions suggest. Other than that, I completely agree with Menon’s statement. He IS a God of unconditional love and if we’d just open our eyes, we might see the amazing blessings He has provided us and in turn share them with others.

I have so designed the world that you can create your own reality! I have given you some of my powers and made you a Co-Creator!” “The other side of the coin is that you can use your great powers to destroy, to maim, to enslave, etc. and many of you have also chosen to do so!”

Many religions and (sad to say) many believers of the “same” God I have put my trust in, frequently use their God-given gifts as tools of hatred, deceit, power, and destruction rather than being co-creators and embracing their “imago dei.” I believe that we were created to create beautiful new realities all around us – to enter the stories of others and help bring joy, peace, hope, restoration and love to those we meet each day. We were made to make a difference!

Dear Gopi Menon:

We may not see things exactly the same but I would have to agree with much of your thesis. I too believe that there is a much better way and I have experienced many who “begin to think of religion as being more important than the people it was meant to serve, and became more inclined to protect their religion rather than protect the people.”

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review your book and catch a glimpse of your spiritual journey. Books like these help me continue asking the hard questions and point me towards a more glorious Gospel.


2 thoughts on “A More Beautiful GOD

  1. Dear Steve, thank you sincerely for your honest review. I am so grateful that you took the time to really read my book. It means a lot coming from a pastor who is a Christian and a visionary. So sorry that I did not write earlier to thank you but I only saw this page with the comment section today.

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