Start Planning Now!

maxresdefaultA BOOK REVIEW
NEXT: Pastoral Succession That Works
Authors: William Vanderbloemen and Warren Bird

nextThe advice and wisdom shared within the pages of NEXT: Pastoral Succession That Works is nothing but brilliant! Every pastor should consider reading this together with their elder and/or staff leadership because pastoral succession is one of the most overlooked yet one of the most important conversations and decisions a church will ever face.

I agree wholeheartedly with the authors that “every pastor is an interim” and there is “no success without a successor.” I believe that a truly devoted and loving pastor would never want to leave a ministry behind without a plan, a future, and a successor. Preparing for and finding  a successor is a “process and not an event” and the best time to start planning is NOW and not when a crisis arises.  I believe that some of the greatest wisdom in the book includes:

  • Making it a regular practice to develop leaders and share in leading,
  • Preparing a succession “emergency envelope,”
  • The fact that too many pastors stay too long, and
  • “Sometimes even the unlikeliest candidates can become pastoral successors with amazing results.”

Several case studies and great insights are shared while the book also encourages each pastor and church to find what works best for them because there no “one way” when it comes to succession.

This book can save the church leadership a lot of headaches, provide the pastor with a healthy legacy and rewarding future, enable the church to continue transforming discipleship, and secure a bright outlook for the entire ministry. A must read for all pastors, elders, and churches wanting to make sure their hard work. A special thank you to Baker Books for providing a copy of this book for review through Goodreads!


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