The Misplaced & Misfits

Matthew Barnett, pastor of Angelus Temple and the Dream Center in Los Angeles, in his new book Misfits Welcome encourages those who feel like a misfit and challenges us all to step into the lives of others who feel like they just don’t fit in.

For those of us who feel misplaced because of our past or present messes, Barnett encourages us to not waste the struggle. The Word of God challenges us to embrace every part of our story; in fact, the author reminds us that Jesus often didn’t speak to a person’s need but to their potential!

A large part of the book is a reminder that the next time we feel like we’re sinking, we need to “find a way to throw someone else a lifeline.” And if you think that loving the broken is just a once a year act of charity or a weekend time filler; the author points out that the “mark of a Bible-believing Christian is someone who looks for people who feel misplaced in the world.” He or she is a misfit who diligently looks for and helps other misfits.

“Misfit dreamers want to see other people’s dreams come true,” and they make time in their schedule to make a difference in the lives of others. And the book doesn’t stop there, Misfits Welcome also reminds us that the church must stop playing it safe because the easy way is not the way of the kingdom. We must follow Christ’s example and help the “misfits” belong because quite often believing follows belonging. This book is a great reminder that our purpose in life is bringing Christ’s kingdom of love, hope, peace, and restoration to a world in need.

HarperCollins Christian Publishers and Thomas Nelson Books provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give.



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