Waiting on Him

I love the little reminders along the way. If I were to be honest, I still have my days where I question God and His plan and why we are still waiting to see His hand in things. Don’t get me wrong. We know He’s got a plan but probably like many of you, it seems like God never works within our timetable or moves the way we think He should act. And so, I love the little reminders along the way. The reminders that He knows and that He is working and if we just WAIT, He will come through in big and amazing ways. We can try to step in to “fix things” but we might be giving up on the miraculous if we do so.

Here’s an illustration I just read this morning- another reminder along the way:

Back many years ago, a young boy accompanied his father and mother as they took the wagon into town for supplies. After the supplies had been purchased and were being loaded in the wagon, the owner of the store said to the boy, “Son, you have been such a good boy, I’m going to let you put your hand in the candy jar and get all the candy you can grab.” The little boy just stood there and made no move for the candy. The owner put his hand into the jar, grabbed a handful of candy and handed it to the boy. On the way home, the father asked the boy why he didn’t reach his own hand into the jar. He said, “It’s not like you to be shy.” The boy responded, “I wasn’t shy. I was just waiting on him. I knew his hand was bigger than mine.”


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