Defiant Joy

“The true power of joy supersedes a chirpy disposition, candy-coated emotion, or saccharin fantasy.”

070714_Cover_1024x1024Margaret Feinberg. God interrupted her “misguided joy experiment” with cancer and took her on an expedition of fighting back with joy. Her new book is not just a must read for those who are facing a cancer crisis but for anyone who finds his or herself bombarded with any life struggle. She challenges her readers to practice “defiant joy,” for it is the very thing that will declare that “the darkness does not and will not win.”

Fight Back With Joy written by Feinberg and published by Worthy Publishing is packed full of encouraging advice, personal story, and impacting Scriptures BUT does not sugar coat the pain, fear, emotion, and mourning that comes from life’s battles.

This book helps us fight back with joy by reminding us that . . .

  • Fighting back with joy includes surrounding ourselves with support.
    “They become incarnate reminders of God’s fierce love.”
  • Mourning is a gift.
    “The more we strive to hold everything together, the more we fall apart.”
  • Fighting back with joy rarely makes sense.
    “Rejoicing is not a prescription as much as a gateway to possibility.”

Margaret’s creative writing style abounds with illustrations and great quotes. I was also delighted to find a section in the back of the book written by her husband Leif on the lessons he learned as a caregiver and co-fighter on their expedition of joy. I highly recommend this book to those who are facing some of life’s hardest battles and for those pastors, spouses, and friends who want to encourage them along the way.

“Jesus is not a sorcerer handing out a magical formula whereby we conjure results because of what we do; rather, he issues a call to step out in radical faith, dependent on God’s promises and provision.”



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