Plant Trees (Plural)

tree-sun-shade-background copyA BOOK REVIEW
Mentor Like Jesus is filled with great insights from Regi Campbell who has been successfully mentoring men for several years. Every page is filled with stories on how to mentor next generation young men and produce godly leaders.

Regi reminds us that the process is selfless and messy but it is well worth the effort. It’s about being real and vulnerable with a group of younger men chosen for their potential kingdom impact. You give your time and attention, let them learn from your mistakes, and get nothing (or little) in return. He reminds us that we are reaching more than just a group of men. Their circle of influence (their spouses, children, employees, friends, future mentees) will also be changed forever because of the effort you put forth.

The author gives several ideas garnered from his years of mentoring experience. He reminds us that the best mentoring sessions facilitate lots of questions, brings real issues to the table, and have a tailored message for those involved. He has found that one of his best mentoring methods has been to have everyone read the same book for a month and share together regarding its content and lessons learned. He also makes sure to encourage the leading mentor to pay close attention because there are often things he can learn from the group as well.

Although I was hoping the book was more about one-on-one mentoring, I found the book to be helpful and also walked away thinking that maybe a group is the best way to make an even larger kingdom impact. If you want solid and time proven ideas on how to better impact a group of next generation men, I would highly recommend you give the ideas within the pages of this book a chance. I received this book for free from the publisher through B&H Publishing Group in exchange of my honest opinion.


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