The Imaginative & Inspiring Parenting World of YES


There are several Christian parenting books out there but very few that take us through the imaginative and inspiring parenting world of YES. Mark and Jan Foreman’s new book “Never Say No: Raising Big Picture Kids” is by far one of the best parenting books I have read in years!

Many words have been used to describe the book including: holistic, road map, inspiring, wise, authentic and game changing. I agree wholeheartedly. The central theme of the book is the premise that “God is one big YES for us, and we want to pay it forward to our own kids.”

This book will challenge you to connect with the heart of your child and delight in raising wise young people who will one day leave your home well-rounded and ready to take on the world! Because I’d love for many of you to purchase your own copy, I’m only going to share a few tidbits of advice the author’s share in their book:

  • Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 9.29.52 AMHow you were raised matters. You need to struggle with your past (the good and bad) in order to make a better future for your own children.
  • Your children want to matter. When they ask you to be a part of their world, take time for them. Never say no.
  • Include your kids in the things you do. They learn from us and how we act/ react to every day life. In the same way, don’t segregate your home into kid and adult areas, travel, experience different cultures and people – say YES to every experience that will make life richer.
  • Be a parent whose face lights up when you talk about your children. How? Never stop seeing “the poetry of God” in your children!
  • My biggest challenge was the encouragement to continue (as a parent) to make my own life interesting in order to foster interesting children!

This book is packed full of advice on how to make parenting an adventure of saying YES to the incredible things God wants us to experience, love, and embrace together as a family. In turn, we will raise well balanced children who will appreciate others, step forward in confidence, and change the world they live in.

“If we’ve raised our children to live creatively on the edge, loving God’s world, they will likely be drawn to a part of the world that need their light.”

Share your favorite parenting advice or let me know what you think about the Foreman’s new book!

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3 thoughts on “The Imaginative & Inspiring Parenting World of YES

  1. How had I not heard of this book?! Based on your glowing recommendation, this needs to be on my summer reading list! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the compliment! You never heard of the book probably because it’s brand new – launch week this week! ( : BTW, If you’re familiar with Switchfoot, the authors are the parents of band members Jon and Tim Foreman.

  2. I wondered if there was a connection! Switchfoot has been my husband’s favorite band for decades. When I met him his license plate was SWCHFT1. We used a song of theirs at our wedding, too!

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