What Do We Do With God?

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I was immediately captivated by the quote on the back cover. “We fell in love with Jesus. Then we had to decide what to do with God.” Singer and songwriters Andrew Greer and Ginny Owens in their book Transcending Mysteries: Who God Is, and What Does He Want From Us? take us on a journey of reconciling the seemed differences many of us struggle with between the God of the Old Testament and Jesus in the New.

They begin the book with the paradox of desiring to surrender to God but not fully comprehending Him. BUT, “As we read, studied, researched, and opened our minds to God’s unyielding interactions wit the Israelites, we . . . discovered a relationship driven by love.”

I found the vulnerability of both authors to be the most compelling feature of this book. It allowed me (and I’m sure many other readers) to feel like I wasn’t alone and that God’s love and grace was available to me even at my worse.

“I tend to make decisions out of a need to control, fostering an environment of dizzying anxiety.”

“I still wonder if God loves me.”

“Feeling the weight of regret, my emotions surfaced, producing a pesky lump in my throat and blurry eyes.”

“If my journey had been different, my songs would have been different as well.”

The provided lyrics from their songs enhance each chapter and the artist inside of me resonated with each word of complaint, praise, questioning and exaltation. This book would make a welcome addition to any Christian’s bookshelf BUT especially those of us who yearn to know Him more but often find it difficult because His ways are often above our ways and just don’t make sense. I received this book for free from publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange of my honest opinion.





One thought on “What Do We Do With God?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post – I’m a Christian, and I rarely come across Christian themed blogs/posts in my day-to-day WordPress Reader, but I’m glad I did today – thanks!

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